Over the years, social media has brought fame and fortune to many individuals simply due to its people power, and the way in which it can rally viewers and drive popularity. It’s a powerful voice behind a screen that says “this is good, you should try this,” or “don’t miss out on XYZ because you’d be a fool not to.” Social media has unlimited capacity and holds the potential to see your content go viral all around the world. Millions of people worldwide spend many hours of their day using social media platforms, with the average person having five social media accounts and spending 1 hour and 40 minutes online and active on them each day.

Use Video

Video is a powerful visual marketing device, and it can help you to interest potential clients and customers. For expert results, consider enlisting the help of a corporate videographer to help improve how you appeal to social media users. Video does this simply by being more appealing to engage with than written word and long lengthy paragraphs. YouTube is a social media site entirely comprised of video content has an estimated 1 billion monthly users. That’s one eighth on the world’s population, and it’s second in the ranks for most used and influential social media sites. It’s clear that video is an easily accessible means to learn, enjoy, impart wisdom, and relax. It’s multi-functional and multi-faceted, and it’s about time you started making video work for you.

Ask For Feedback

If you want more information on how your content is being received, and whether you could do more to improve, then simply ask for feedback from those that communicate with you. Allow visitors to post constructive criticism and/or praise when appropriate. Social media is built upon people, and their online movements and decisions. You need to know what these users are doing, what they like, and what they would like to see more of. If you can answer to the needs of those using social media, then you’ll be able to improve your strategy tenfold.

Post Regularly

The more often you post, the more active your account will be – that’s the general rule of thumb. Of course, there’s more to gaining following, comments, and likes, than simply uploading a video and watching your popularity increase. Your content needs to appeal to many viewers and listeners, and with this in mind, it should be visually appealing and audibly stimulating as well. All editing elements should work together seamlessly and should provide a pleasurable and immersive experience. Each time you post as part of a blog or website, you should include popular hashtags to try and garner public attention.

Know Your Audience

Understand who’s following you, and your target market. By understanding who’s most likely to engage with your material, you can make much of the same and continue to attract likeminded subscribers all the while figuring out how best to appeal to the audience who are just falling short of your network of influence. Find out who’s using your content by using Google Analytics and pinpointing where your likes, comments, and following originate from, the mean age of your users, and what other content they’re interacting with.


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