It is important that you try to create more engaging social media videos that are able to connect and speak to viewers more effectively, and encourage them to react. Creating such videos may seem complicated at first, but in actual fact you can get off to a good start by following 3 very simple rules.

Do not create long videos

Viewers tend to have short attention spans on social media, so the longer your videos are the more likely you are to lose viewers. That is why you shouldn’t create long videos, and should keep them short and focused instead.

On most social media platforms it is best to try to aim for videos that are under 60 seconds in duration, and on some you may want to go as low as 15 seconds. At the end of the day you should try to make your videos as short as possible, while still being able to deliver the message effectively.

Outline benefits in the first 10 seconds

In addition to viewers not watching long videos on social media, they often decide whether or not to keep watching within the first ten seconds. To improve the odds that your viewers keep watching, you should try to outline the benefits they stand to gain within that period.

Needless to say you will have to be direct, as you don’t have much time. Try to open the video by telling viewers what the video is about and how it will help them to solve a problem, learn something useful, or provide some other benefit.

Play on the emotions of viewers

Social media videos that play on the emotions of viewers tend to encourage more reactions – whether it is likes, comments, or shares. The more intense the emotion they feel, the greater the likelihood that they’ll react.

Odds are you’ve seen this in action in videos that are funny, inspiring, touching, surprising, or have some other emotional component. Try to create videos that emulate this approach, and you’ll find them far more engaging.

Keep in mind that engaging social media videos don’t need to be expensive or difficult to produce. By following the rules outlined above, you could start creating simple yet highly engaging videos using Movavi Screen Recorder.

As a screen video recorder, Movavi Screen Recorder will let you record video footage directly from your screen. Using it you can create various types of content including video interviews, how-to guides, and so on. It will let you fully adjust all the recording parameters, including the frame rate, capture area, audio source, and sound levels. In fact you could even set it up to record any keyboard and mouse actions.

Rest assured it won’t take you long to learn how to record videos using Movavi Screen Recorder due to how user-friendly and intuitive it is. To be honest if you try it out right now, you should be able to record your very first video in just a matter of minutes.


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