Now that many people are looking for a way to make video conferences easy, options are appearing focused on this point, and we cannot stop talking about one of them really effective.

This is, a website that we only have to enter, click on the “Try now” button and select a name for our meeting before pressing the “Go to my call” button.

Once this is done, we will already be inside our conference room, so we will have to send the link for that room to the other person. If the name of the meeting is “ChatWithMyDearWill”, for example, the link to the meeting will be

When the other person clicks on that link, they will enter our room, and we can make an immediate video conference, without having to register, without installing any application on our mobile or computer, and with several interesting features:

– We can activate or deactivate the video and microphone at any time
– We can share the screen of our computer (ideal to support some application or to show a friend the content of a web, for example).
– We can activate automatic subtitles, ideal for video conferences with people who speak other languages.

It does not use servers, the call is between two people, p2p.

It is true that the options do not cease to exist. Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Houseparty, Whatsapp… but if we manage to facilitate the process and avoid creating accounts constantly, our privacy will appreciate it.


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