YouTube is the platform where a lot of people come when they want to listen to music. While Spotify and Apple Music have millions of subscribers, YouTube has the advantage that it is not necessary to pay to access songs of all genres. But that is now a half truth.

The online video service will now begin to show more publicity among the music videos. The reason is simple: they want to “force” people to pay for a Youtube Music subscription.

The plan would be to “annoy” the potential paid subscribers of YouTube Music. Fill them with advertising to stop using YouTube as a music application and go to the one that is designed for that. It is believed that if this strategy is applied, users would eventually be willing to pay.

Lyor Cohen, the world music manager of Youtube, argues that the decision will be successful: “you will not be happy if you receive an ad just after listening to ‘Starway to Heaven’.” For Cohen, the idea is not only to frustrate but also to “seduce” users. If you subscribe, you will receive exclusive videos, playlists, and other attractive offers for music fans.

According to YouTube, this decision will be taken because of the criticism that is usually received from artists and companies alike. It is said that the platform lends itself to many copyright violations and the work is not paid properly. In short, artists consider that they lose money because of the permissiveness of YouTube.


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