Youtube Red has been running for over a year but this payment service has barely 1.5 million subscribers.

YouTube Network was launched a year and a half ago to compete against Netflix, Spotify or Apple Music. Their goal was to win a large number of fans in exchange for their own audiovisual content without advertisements, and offline playback. Of course this new service is not free: subscribers have to pay $ 9.99 per month.

According to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, YouTube Red had 1.5 million paid subscribers, of which 1 million users registered on trial (without paying the monthly fee). These numbers underscore how difficult it is to convince millions of people to pay for something they have had free access for over a decade. They also reflect the zero interest in YouTube Music, which was launched in November last year and requires a Red subscription.

At the moment, Youtube Network is available only in the US, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, ie, unlike Youtube, it is not available worldwide, so its reach is lower (Youtube has more than 1 billion of monthly users).

But the company does not seem to be worried about the numbers. “We are happy,” a Redtube spokesman told The Verge. “We are seeing healthy membership growth each month. Although we do not publish or comment speculative numbers, we are seeing a strong commitment to the service in the four countries where we have launched it, which leads us to invest in more original series and films for 2017 and in the increase of the marketing of YouTube Music” he said.

And the big question is who wants to pay YouTube for a full album of, let’s say, Pink Floid if you can find it pirated and free on YouTube itself.


  1. They are happy because they are scheming fuckers. Every day that passes more and more bs ads get pushed until eventually youtube will be so riddled with ads it will feel like the only option in order to enjoy the content will be to pay the fucking money. When that happens I will no longer use youtube. Also I avoid products from obnoxious and repetitive ads so if you blast ads at me I make the conscious decision to not buy your product.


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