It’s hard to be a YouTube content creator and find yourself, after a copyright claim, with many hours of documentation, recording and editing of a video ending up in the demonetization (or removal) of it, even if that claim affected only a small fragment of the total work.

Youtube has been betting on an explosive combination: copyright assurance (the alleged owner of the copyrighted material usually has the last word in case the youtuber chooses to dispute the claim) and incentives for spurious claims (since, in case of a copyright infringement ruling, all the money generated by the video’s publicity was diverted from the youtuber to the complainant).

That’s why it was almost a clamor among them to ask YouTube to enable some way to remove only the affected part while safeguarding the rest, thus keeping the whole video online and retaining its monetization, and that’s what YouTube has granted its users these days.

Thus, as part of the latest update to YouTube Studio, an option has been enabled that allows content generators to easily trim only the part of the work that would be subject to a copyright claim. To do this, the tool automatically selects and highlights that fragment and provides a button to remove it.

Once that step is completed, the video is free of copyright claims. Of course, it’s not the ideal solution, since it forces a sudden gap in the video, but YouTube already warns that it’s working on offering a more flexible tool that allows you to manually edit which parts are trimmed and which are not, to avoid losing relevant information.

It should be recognized that YouTube is trying to find a balance between the multiple interests involved in the generation of content for its platform.

In addition, YouTube warns that this is only a first glimpse of what is to come throughout 2020, as it has several more measures in place to help its users deal with copyright claims from large companies.


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