Getting an extra paycheck at the expense of an issue as serious and worrying as Wuhan’s coronavirus is not going to be so easy on YouTube anymore. The video platform has included the coronavirus among its ‘sensitive topics’ and as such, as dictated by its advertiser-friendly content guidelines, it will not be able to monetize itself.

This information appears in an explanatory video by a YouTube worker on Creator Insider, a channel where they share updates and modifications to the platform.

“We have updated our guidelines to reflect that the coronavirus outbreak is a sensitive issue and as such all videos focused on this topic will be demonized until further notice,” says the worker – at around 4:40 minutes -.

The worker immediately switches to the next topic and no more information is given about it, i.e. he does not specify in which type of accounts he has demonetized the videos that talk about the coronavirus.

Doubts arise as to whether it will only affect influencers and youtubers who want to make a killing using COVID-19 as a claim or whether other content, such as that produced by the media, will suffer from the measure. The platform does not clarify this.

For YouTube, according to its ‘Advertiser Guidelines’, “a sensitive event is usually an unforeseen event where there has been a loss of life, usually as a result of a previously planned malicious attack”.

“Sensitive events can cause a sad response from the public, or sometimes an extreme or visceral reaction. An event must be relatively recent if it is considered a sensitive event,” he adds.

The following were considered sensitive events: “heinous acts resulting in the loss of human life such as mass shootings”, “armed conflict”, “death”, “tragic events” and “terrorist acts”. Now they also add “global health crises”.


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