YouTube announced new policies for its Partner Program, which allows creators to access a number of options to monetize the content they upload to their channels.

The new measures seek to avoid the abuses that this system receives, as many users use content from other creators to earn income. Therefore, as of today, channels with less than 10,000 views will no longer be able to show ads on their videos.

This is a parameter that will help them evaluate their activity and check the veracity of a channel, analyzing if it is complying with YouTube policies. So this review process will help detect those who resort to plagiarism, and will protect creators.

And at the same time, it is not such a high amount that it discourages new creators. They will only have to generate good content and apply some of the tips that are offered in the Academy of Creators. Or directly they can go to the Creator Center and see what tools they can use in their marketing strategy.

One detail that clarifies the team of YouTube, is that the income already won by those channels that do not comply with the new measure, will not be affected.


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