Streaming gaming has established itself as one of the alternatives of the present, rather than a crazy idea for the future. Platforms like Stadia, XBOX Game Pass or similar already attest to this. And if there is a company that knows about hardware for gaming that is NVIDIA, which has its own monthly subscription system, GeForce NOW.

Now its service is updated with better machines, and higher price, allowing to use almost any Android mobile to play as in a last generation console.

NVIDA’s subscription system today adds a new member, called Geforce NOW RTX 3080, which is positioned as the option for the most demanding users.

Users of this new price range will use the GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card on the company’s servers to which they connect from the app, or that will allow running games in 4K HDR resolution on the NVIDIA SHIELD.

In addition, we will have up to 120 fps on the Android mobile app, which means that we will be able to use this refresh rate on cell phones with compatible displays.

GeForce NOW RTX 3080 Pricing

NVIDIA has announced its new price range, which goes from €49.99 per semester (about €8 per month) for the priority subscription to €99.99 per semester (€16.5 per month) for the RTX 3080 subscription.

The latter will be the option that allows us to play on the Nvidia Shield with 4K resolution. In addition, longer gaming sessions of up to 8 hours are included.

This new service will be available in North America in November and in Europe in December.



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