Remote meetings have been a constant feature of our lives for months, and most of us have had to try a wide variety of tools to carry them out because the diversity is enormous and none has become a de facto standard, although it is true that Zoom has positioned itself quite well, with some controversy over privacy included.

Whereby is probably one of the most unknown and, at the same time, most interesting video calling services. Why? Basically because it plays two great trump cards: it requires no installations or applications and it is free for personal use.

No installation required

Whereby bets on reducing everything to a link: it is based on the browser and to participate in video calls we do not need to install or download anything.

When using tools that not all participants have used at some point and these require installation, it is more than normal for there to be delays. Installing an application, however simple and quick it may be, always generates friction. That’s why Whereby is committed to reducing everything to a link. And, moreover, a link that is always the same (if we want).

Whereby is browser-based and requires neither login nor guest registration. All we need to do is create a link to our virtual room and that will be the access to it. Of course, the rooms are closed by default and those responsible for them are the ones who must authorize someone to connect.

This service includes, of course, the features we all may need such as screen sharing, the ability to access meetings from mobile devices or chat, as well as others not so common. For example, reactions through live emojis, video call recording or the customization of meeting rooms with personalized backgrounds and even logos. All this, its Norwegian creators promise, respecting privacy and complying, of course, with the RGPD.

It’s free

The big plus point of Whereby is that it is free for personal use, offering the possibility of having a room for up to four participants; perfect for remote meetings of a small group of friends. For the rest, it offers plans for $9.99 per month for private users and from $14.99 for companies. Business plans allow up to 50 users to share a room, and the application lets you manage bandwidth and screen space to keep things running smoothly.


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