If you have a Youtube channel you may have seen a message like “we can’t publish ads because advertisers won’t like having ads on your clip”. That’s normal if the content incites hatred, adult content, traumatic events, drugs, dangerous activities… in short, the obvious issues that we all already know.

The problem is when you receive the message and your content has nothing nothing out of the ordinary. That happens millions of times a day, and sometimes it’s a Youtube system error, so it becomes necessary to request a manual review to analyze if there really is a problem with the video.

There may be some problem, but not in the content of the video, and here are two common reasons:

– Too many links in the description. Putting one or two links to prestigious sources has no problem, but putting a long list of links to suspicious sites, or to unknown browser extensions, may be enough. Avoid writing too many links.

– Captures during the video. It is possible that our video uses screenshots from other sites or sequences of other videos that are already on Youtube, and it is also possible that within those screenshots there is unwanted content by the system. It is important to analyze the captures we make, and apply mosaic effect in sensitive areas so that there is no problem of copyright or censorship at any time.

These are two reasons that often go unnoticed, and are worth reviewing before our video has 20,000 hits and does not generate the corresponding dollars.


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