The story of Yahoo after its purchase by Verizon continues, and today in new chapter we are seeing as the iconic and pioneering brand is about to disappear, something that many expected after the nightmare has been living with their hacking. However, Yahoo is not the only one that will disappear, as it will be merging with AOL, another Internet classic, also owned by Verizon.

The name of Yahoo has gone from being a synonym for Internet and innovation, to one representing the worst of Internet security, after having suffered not one, not two hacks, but three! Which in the end has meant more than 1.532 million compromised accounts. Therefore, the main option was to end up killing it, something that apparently will happen in the coming weeks to make way for Oath, a new company owned by Verizon.

An important point of Oath is that it will be led by Tim Armstrong, current CEO of AOL, and Marissa Mayer will be out of the company, something that was also expected. Armstrong will be responsible for choosing the Yahoo executives who will remain in the company and those who will be left out, where early rumors mention that Jeff Bonforte, communications product chief, and Enrique Muñoz Torres, director of advertising and search, will have A site in Oath.

It is not yet known if the name of Yahoo will remain somewhere or in some product of the new company, but in the coming weeks is expected a “powerful” launch campaign with more details and everything that Oath will make to enter into operations when the Yahoo purchase is closed, something that will happen during the second half of the year.


Finally, everything was a false alarm.
Oath will only be the holding company that will manage the shares of Yahoo! and AOL but both companies will continue to have their own identity and will continue to operate under the same conditions.



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