The use of flow diagrams can be very interesting to graphically represent different processes. For this reason, it is a technique very used in areas such as programming or psychology. On the Internet we can find many tools with which to design flow diagrams. Below we recommend two of the most useful.

One of the alternatives most used by professionals in the programming sector is, a web that allows us to create our own flow diagrams in a matter of few minutes. For this, the tool has different shapes and arrows that we can use for free. In addition, it allows us to configure the paper size, layout (vertical or horizontal) and how to display the grid. And not only that, since as we add elements it is possible to adjust the color, thickness of lines, transparencies and shadows. Recommended.


Another of the best known options is Creately, which despite being paid has an individual use plan, which we can use for free (albeit with limitations). As far as its possibilities, the web allows us to draw, to share, to validate and to export our diagrams, to which we can add forms of all type and even drawings of different people. Once ready we only have to connect the different elements, something we can do in a few clicks. One of the glitches is that it is based on Flash, technology increasingly in disuse.


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