If we are lucky enough to live in a place without too much pollution, neither light nor air, the nights can become a spectacle starring stars, planets and satellites.

See a Satellite Tonight is the website created by James Darpinian, a graphic engineer and computer vision engineer at Google.
To use the Darpinian website, simply log in, allow the user to use our location through the browser, and let them do it. In a few seconds, after placing us on the globe, it will show us information about the satellites that we will be able to see in the next few days.

See a Satellite Tonight presents this information in a very complete way. First, in the center of the screen, we can see an image of the globe with our location and the trajectory of the satellite or satellites that we will see soon.

This information is accompanied by warnings about, for example, the weather situation which can make it difficult to see. Likewise, the website also shows on the right a recreation of the vision that we will have depending on which direction we observe, being able to navigate through it and see it in full screen; as well as the satellite warning, so to speak.

It is enough to click on the days that appear in that column that we can see at the left of the interface of the web See a Satellite Tonight to discover what other satellites are going to be able to see in the nights that come. Specifically, in the next five days.


  1. I ve used your satellite app to view satellites over our town and have never seen one satellite so am annoyed to say the least .


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