There are hundreds of options available when we want to make a video call: Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime, Google Duo, Facebook, Slack, etc. Anyway, when it comes to making group video calls, the list is reduced and complicated.

Daily comes precisely to offer a way to keep video calls with up to 50 people, completely free and without the need to download specific software. And that’s just the beginning, as they have strived to add a lot of super useful features.

One of the main problems when it comes to maintaining a video call is choosing which platform to use: “Do you have hangouts?”, “I forgot my Skype password”, and a whole lot more. With Daily we will only need to access the URL through our browser, and everything will be ready to start the videoconference.

It should be made clear that it is still in beta, and currently only supports Chrome. Anyway, its creators say it will be compatible with Safari and Edge in the near future.

In addition, you can access a conference via a phone call. It is currently compatible with 21 countries. You simply have to set the country of call and see the specific number for each meeting.

In addition, its creators have also announced that it will soon be compatible with mobile devices, making this tool even more interesting. Best of all, they ensure that it will remain free.

Daily will be very useful in very different scenarios, but I imagine being used even to offer small online courses, work meetings, family videoconferences, etc.

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