Picaresque, which in its practice ends in crime, today takes on new technological forms. For example, when it comes to passing an exam or getting a degree. If in the past you copied, cutlets were made or you got the questions of the exam before, today the traps can go through the use of cyber shortcuts.

Kaspersky says there is now an underground industry with its own discussion forums and video tutorials that explain how to hack into a school system to change grades, improve attendance records, read exams, or take fake certificates and diplomas. All of this can be for your own use or to sell on the black market. This company cites in its blog some recent examples. In March of this year, students were accused of hacking PowerSchool, one of the most popular information platforms for U.S. schools, to change their grades and improve their attendance records.

Since users use the same accesses on different websites, it is very likely that these portals are being hacked using stolen or reused information. If the student is not very computer literate, he can always hire a hacker (actually a cracker). A search conducted on June 12 led Kaspersky to an online offer to hack into services and obtain forged certificates, diplomas and grades from different institutions that look authentic. The way to do the order is simple: a form in which the client specifies the subject, the level of the rating and the institution issuing it.

However, educational fraud can be identified. Thus, this cybersecurity company advises to verify with the issuing institution a rating that seems suspicious, since, as they explain, will have the official record of who obtained them. They also recommend introducing some form of two-factor authentication for information systems, especially web-based systems, and in particular for access to student records, grades and assessments. Similarly, strong and appropriate access controls should be established so that it is not easy for a hacker to move sideways through the system.


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