Cyber-attacks are the order of the day in companies and institutions around the world. Normally, companies manage technological risk (they have antivirus, firewalls…) but do not take into account the risk associated with people, which is very large: so-called insiders are at the origin of 60% of corporate cybersecurity incidents, according to IBM X-ForceĀ® Research.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, this risk can be limited by means of a personalized training system, which tries to make the worker aware of the importance of security in the online environment and offers him tools to be alert to the possible attack of a hacker. The idea is to act at the earliest possible stage, i.e. detection is not sought but prevention, and in this way the employee is empowered with the role of first and last line of defense.

An important fact is that “far from occurring intentionally, most incidents related to information leakage in companies are due to errors.
Employees are the most valuable assets, as they know company data, operations, activity results, ongoing projects or even very sensitive information such as R+D+i advances.

Leaving aside the potential loss of trust of investors, customers or employees and reputational damage, the economic factor of a cybercrime is remarkable: the average cost of each internal security breach is $9 million but most of these cyberattacks could be avoided if people knew how to recognize them and act accordingly.


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