unicorn4sale, a Reddit user, told the community that he had discovered a bug that caused YouTube to stop showing ads. And we’re talking about a bug, because there’s nothing extraneous involved, such as an ad blocker, or a modified Android app.

To stop seeing ads on YouTube, just add a dot after the “.com” of any given URL. Thus, as the user counted, an address like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PYLBEQYA00 will show ads on the video, while https://www.youtube.com./watch?v=3PYLBEQYA00, which as we see has a link to the extra dot incorporated (.com./), will not show them.

The user has said that he thought the bug or failure would only be present in the desktop web version of YouTube. However, when the redirection occurs on the server, it can also be exploited in a mobile browser, provided that the “View Desktop Website” option, present in the mobile versions of Safari or Chrome, is chosen.

That is, it only affects the desktop version, but it is also exploitable on smartphones and tablets. Probably Google will soon fix this problem, which they have found to be caused by the domain failing to identify that it has to display ads with that dot, in addition to breaking cookies and not saving in the browser history with the name of the video.

Probably the number of users that take advantage of this bug is low, because it is not comfortable, since the links load normally when we click on them in a web but, once we add the point to first video, all the others are still seen without ads.


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