Before Netflix, to watch series and movies you had what was “on” on TV channels or DVD and Blu-Ray rentals. But since 2015 a good handful of video on demand services and platforms have arrived: Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Disney+… Some fell by the wayside and others have been arriving with more or less success, but there they are: StarzPlay, Planet Horror, DAZN, Acorn TV… The list is endless. And there are paid and free ones. You have at your fingertips alternatives to Netflix free to watch movies and series for free on your TV or mobile devices when and how you want.

There has never been such a wide range of services offering audiovisual content. To the point that it is easy to end up saturated among so much offer. Both in the aforementioned paid offer and in the free proposals that are emerging as an alternative. And the strategy of offering paid content in such a saturated market ends up not being a good business. The alternative is to offer the same content but in exchange for advertising. A model halfway between classic television but without relying on linear broadcasting. Consuming content whenever you want but with the occasional advertisement.

Netflix, HBO and company are known as OTT (over-the-top) services, i.e., transmitting audiovisual content over the Internet. But we also know them as VOD (video on demand). Hence the proposals that are emerging lately are called AVOD (advertising video on demand, video on demand with advertising). But best of all, there are ad-free and free VOD services. A whole potpourri of platforms with free movies and series, although some may or may not be available depending on the corner of the planet from which you are reading this article.

Pluto TV

Owned by ViacomCBS, Pluto TV is possibly the most famous free video on demand platform. A free Netflix alternative for watching movies, series, cartoons and TV shows.

Available on Web and as a cross-platform app for TV, smartphones and tablets, it offers its content in two ways: in thematic linear channels and on demand, when and in the order you want.

They may not offer their own series and movies or content recently released in theaters, but their catalog is impressive. Come on, if you don’t mind missing the latest Netflix or Disney+ premiere but want to have fun with movies and series, you’re going to get your fill.

Rakuten TV

Before the arrival of Pluto TV, Japan’s Rakuten TV had already taken its first steps. After several changes in strategy, you can now access the Rakuten catalog in several ways. There is paid content, free content and even integrated platforms such as StarzPlay as a Russian doll.

The free content, series, movies, documentaries and cartoons, can be consumed whenever and however you want. On demand. And it has applications for most platforms and devices. It also has a selection of more than 90 Pluto TV-style linear channels with content for all tastes. A free alternative to Netflix that combines linear and on-demand content.

Its catalog may not be at the same level as Pluto TV’s, but it is not bad either. It combines its own titles, basically documentaries, with relatively recent movies. Come on, it saves you from more than one boring afternoon without scratching your pocket.

Rlaxx TV

From Germany comes Rlaxx TV, another free content platform with series and movies. It combines free linear channels with the on-demand catalog.

At its premiere it offered 27 channels, which will expand over time, as does Pluto TV. A way to keep us on alert by adding and removing content with a more visible strategy than paid platforms like Netflix that do not warn us when a content is going to disappear.

In exchange for advertising, you will have access to series, movies and other content for all tastes: sports, leisure, nature, children’s content, music, crime series and movies… And it already has an application for smart TVs and other platforms.

Plex TV

Plex is an application that allows you to create your own home catalog of series, movies and music that you can then play on your devices and on your TV. A free Netflix alternative with your own content. But it also offers its own catalog of free movies and series for you to watch worldwide, they say. Free and legal.

Plex TV’s cover letter is a good one. More than 130 streaming channels and more than 20,000 movies and series on demand from Warner Bros, LionsGate and MGM, among other big names. To access this content you must register for free and install the official application on the device where you want to play the content.


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