StumbleUpon decides to close after 16 years of life. The goal of the service was to offer simple ways to find relevant content on the web. It also worked as a content curation platform, two things that ironically today seem more important than ever.

At the time, the service became one of the most important sources of traffic for millions of websites, especially in the United States where they had even more recommendation power than Twitter and Facebook. But things have changed a lot since those times and consumption habits have changed so much that today the currency is the attention of people, so a platform designed to go to other places, instead of staying, does not seem be attractive to anyone

StumbleUpon was founded in late 2001 by Garrett Camp (also co-founder of Uber), Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance and Eric Boyd. In 2007 was bought by eBay for $ 75 million but in 2009 Camp, Smith along with new investors bought it back for an undisclosed figure.

Part of the reason for closing is that Camp wants to focus on, a new service that works similar to Pinterest, but for content. All accounts will be migrated next June 30.


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