Spotify wants to put an end to the behaviors that damage to a greater or lesser extent to their platform – and the income obtained by the company. After disclosing last year that 2 million people illegally used the service in different ways and threaten to veto the family accounts of those who do not reside in the same address, now the firm goes to those who use ad blockers.

Ads are the only way in which Spotify earns revenue from those users who are not subscribers to any of the platform’s premium categories and, although it is not their main source of income-since the aforementioned payment plans offer a high return greater-, a free user who does not listen to announcements will never become a future one of payment. It is natural, therefore, that the company wants to end the illegal use of the service.

Through an update on the conditions of use of the platform, Spotify warns that “to bypass or block ads in the Spotify Service, or create or distribute tools designed to block ads in the Spotify Service” could mean the closing of the account.

This same week Spotify presented the results of the last quarter of 2018, which revealed that the number of monthly active users already exceeded 200 million. The number of people who pay for the service, however, is slightly less than half and remains at 96 million. For the current quarter the company predicts that it could reach 100 million premium accounts, and hunting down those who use the platform illegally is one way to achieve it.


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