Spotify has just announced the launch of “Premium Duo”, a new plan for couples that will be marketed for €12.49 per month, saving €7.49 for both people compared to individual subscriptions.

Thus, the company now has four different plans, if we add the special for students that offers for 4.99 euros per month.

With Premium Duo, Spotify shows that it continues to pursue at all costs to achieve more paying users among the total. Maybe 10 euros is too much for many people, but sharing, 6.25 euros individually can be a much more appealing price, particularly when competing against Apple Music, which is now its biggest rival, or other alternatives, which also have an individual cost of 10 euros. Family plans are out of competition with this, because they are for five people.

The conditions of Premium Duo are similar to those that users have in family accounts. That is to say, each user of the couple will be able to have their own music library organized in their own way independently, with separate algorithm recommendations. What it adds is Duo Mix, a new playlist that will be based on the couple’s shared tastes.

If you’re already premium, Spotify allows users to join their accounts while keeping the profile as it was until then. Payments, as in the family plan, are made jointly, in a single monthly payment. On the subject of the address, as also happens in families, will have to share the postcode. The difference this time is that these data will have to be provided at the time of registration.

There are rumours that this family plan may soon increase in price, which could explain the emergence of this plan for couples.


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