Netflix continues to grow. The platform for streaming films and series continues to add content from its own production, which in some ways has also led to an increase in the user share.

There are also more followers of the platform, however, the use of shared accounts is becoming more and more widespread. This is something that has been observed for years, although Netflix does not seem to bother, despite violating one of the terms of use of the platform. It has become such a widespread practice that, today, there are some 24 million people who enjoy the service for free.

This is not a problem for Netflix. Although this figure increases month by month and its usage policy prohibits it, the company has not taken any action in this regard and does not appear to be doing so either. The same director of Netflix has recognized that the company has to learn to live with this type of practices and considers that they do well not to persecute these users. The CEO considers that punishing those who share accounts is not worth it and explains that if the company developed an algorithm to detect this, many families would be affected and suspended by mistake.

For this reason, they prefer to leave things as they are and allow users to sign up for premium plans that allow content to be viewed on four devices at the same time.

It is surprising that they are so permissive on this issue, especially considering that Netflix stops earning around 2.3 billion dollars a year for this type of users.


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