Skype, Microsoft’s popular video calling application, has implemented one of Zoom’s most popular features – custom backgrounds. Users can therefore no longer worry about what’s behind them while they are video conferencing with other people, as Microsoft’s software will replace it with a virtual background that can be selected from the application’s settings.

To enjoy this feature, users must install the latest version of the application, available in Windows, MacOS, Linux and the web. In the case of Windows, it will be necessary to download the .exe file from the Skype website. The variant of the app published in the Microsoft Store, at the moment, does not allow the use of customized backgrounds.

This is also the case for Android and iOS. The versions of Skype for both platforms do not, at the moment, offer the possibility of changing the background of the video call, so it will be necessary to use a conventional desktop computer to do so.

However, it is only a matter of time, probably a few weeks, before the application includes this feature in all versions for all operating systems.

The new version of Skype for MacOS also brings with it the ability to share documents from the Finder, as well as slightly improved call controls.


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