A community-driven approach to computer science has always been successful. Computer science, just like any other trade, is complex and unforgiving. If you are not in a thriving community, chances are that you will not be able to excel at it.
Platforms such as StackOverflow and GitHub provide the initial push to learners, but slowly become irrelevant as the beginner tries to dive into more complex projects. The transition from tutorials to real-world projects is hard, and this is where Livecoding.tv comes in. Livecoding.tv is a learning livestreaming platform where you can watch people work on real products live and socialize with them. That’s a game changer for many computer science students.

Livecoding.tv’s focus on real-world projects is what makes it unique. The platform has seen more than 13,000 broadcasters create over 200,000 videos, ranging from novice to expert-level content. Also, the platform is focused on almost every programming language out there. You can find projects in your favorite programming language, be it Java, Python, PHP, or many others.
Many beginners struggle to transition from theory taught in computer science classes to practical applications in the real world. Only learning theory won’t give you the skills to become a good programmer.

The collaborative environment helps to hone the skills of all the participants, improving computer science education as a whole.
So, exactly how does Livecoding.tv help students become better learners? Let’s discuss its impact on them and computer science education below.

The ability to learn from end-to-end projects

Real-world projects are completely different than a tutorial-based approach. If you are learning from a tutorial, you are basically following a structured approach. This can be great for learning the basics, but it doesn’t let you get loose and make mistakes. Watching other programmers go through a real-world project can help you gauge errors you made in your own projects, see how solutions are arrived at and applied, and overcome the fear of failure. With over 21,000 projects at your disposal, you can easily start your journey. Want to see a Python project in action? Just use the search option, and you are good to go.

Learn from the experienced programmers

Getting exposure to what experienced programmers do while coding a real-world project live can be a game changer for many beginners. You can watch them code solutions their own way, and perhaps learn a new way to tackle problems. Many broadcasters also provide some decent commentary to their streams, teaching you important lessons about available tools and software development in general. For example, you can watch phanxgames develop the Chatbot Whisper platform.

There is no end to learning when it comes to computer science. There is a constant need to learn new programming languages, tools, libraries, etc., to keep up with the new demands of your projects. Livecoding.tv offers an impressive learning collection covering over 266 different technologies. Each guide offers information such as history, books, conferences, videos, and other key information that can help you dive deep into it. You can check the Learn page yourself and start learning a new technology instantly.

Discover Projects

Watched a real-world project and now want to see more? Then you need to use the Project Discovery Tool, made especially for those wanting to explore the content on the website and watch a project in a particular programming language.

Get personalized learning

Personalized learning is important if you want to learn at a faster rate. On Livecoding.tv, you can hire a programmer for 1:1 private session and improve your knowledge in a mentor-mentee environment. The hourly rate depends on the programmer you opt to hire for your private learning session.

Earn while broadcasting

There are many ways one can earn money on the platform. As a broadcaster, you can earn by getting donations through the support project option, ad revenue, channel sponsorship and product placement, and much more. Check out the streamers guide to make money.


Livecoding.tv is completely transforming how computer science education works. Beginners can learn real-world skills by watching real-world projects being developed live. Also, there are sufficient opportunities for streamers to earn money by investing their time on the platform. Do you think the same way? Comment below and let us know.


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