Microsoft is notifying users of its Outlook email service about unauthorized access by an external actor who has compromised account information for three months between January and March 2019.

This has been made public by a user through Reddit. He shared a message from Microsoft’s data protection office in the European Union in which he warns of unauthorised access, for which hackers have used compromised credentials from Outlook support.

The e-mail address, the names of attachments, the subjects of e-mails and the names and addresses of other users with which it has exchanged messages are some of the data exposed. According to Microsoft, the authors of the access -between January 1st of this year and March 28th- have not been able to read the inside of the e-mails or obtain the passwords of the accounts. In addition, the credentials used in the attack have already been deactivated. However, the U.S. company recommends changing the password as a precaution to affected users.


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