Have you decided to pursue a relationship but have not had any luck meting people with your busy schedule? Being ‘set up’ by a well-meaning friend can be a frightening proposition. The number of online dating website has grown exponentially in recent years. Whether you’re a senior, a college student or searching for someone of a particular religion, websites have been developed to meet these niche searches. Follow these recommendations from the professional matchmakers if you’re considering embarking on an online search for a new relationship.

Start by identifying one or two websites that seem to meet the criteria of your search preferences. Once you’ve honed in on a website, it’s time to begin creating your online profile. The number one piece of advice from the professionals on online profiles is to be honest. You certainly expect the same from the profiles that you peruse. Think about the values that are important to you. What characteristics would you like to see in a partner? It’s actually a great exercise if for none other reason than to identify what’s important to you at this stage in your life.

Make arrangements to meet any matches that you are interested in. Only so much time can be spent communicating via the computer. Take the leap and meet in person. Be smart. Arrange to meet in a public place. Let a friend know where you’re going and when. Do not provide your cell phone number, email or home address until you’ve actually met in person. Be optimistic, but follow your instincts.

Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon and schedule a make-over with one of the beauty experts at Sephora. You’ll get expert tips and update your make up routine. Select an outfit that’s appropriate for the venue and you feel comfortable in. don’t try to be someone you’re not. Do rest assured that your take is most likely as nervous as you are. Take a deep breath and commit to staying positive and enjoying yourself. A key piece of advice: you get to know someone by listening – not talking. Share, but also listen. Enjoy!


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