YouTube Originals is the original audiovisual service of the famous video portal. Through YouTube Premium it was possible to subscribe to original and exclusive content.

And yes, you had to pay to watch it.

Not anymore. YouTube has decided to remove the payment wall, so Originals programs will be free (until now it was priced at $11.99).

However, in return, they will now have ads. The company has decided to withdraw payment from the YouTube Originals platform, to extend its agreement with advertisers and offer its new programs for free in exchange for displaying ads.

Until now, the monthly subscription to YouTube Premium allowed access to YouTube Originals, YouTube and YouTube Music without ads, and playback in the background. Premium offers original movies and series produced in collaboration with professional studios and YouTube personalities.

As YouTube explains on its official blog, the changes will give advertisers “more opportunities to engage with a broader audience, drive meaningful results and align with top Hollywood talent and YouTube creators”. In 2018, YouTube Originals accumulated more than 2.5 billion plays with 50 programs, including Will Smith’s The Jump; Liza on Demand by Liza Koshi; and Cobra Kai, which it has renewed for a third season, although most of those views probably occurred during the free trial period.

From now on, Youtubers must compete against content produced and marketed by Google itself.


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