Netflix will contact its users to let them know that it will cancel their account on the service if they are not using it for too long, so that they can save some money.

It doesn’t matter that you have all your bills up to date. From now on, if Netflix detects that you have not viewed content on your account for too long, it will cancel your account. That’s what the Video-on-Demand giant has said.

The platform says that “the last thing we want is for people to pay for a service they don’t use. To encourage this, Netflix is already sending its less active users communications to confirm whether they wish to keep their account active. The minimum period for these types of notices will be one year of inactivity. Failure to do so will result in automatic unsubscription.

This modification will not, of course, be irrevocable. If you decide later that you want to continue in the service, it is as simple as reactivating the subscription. By doing so, all the profiles, progress, recommendations and usual settings that we had in the account will be recovered.

Netflix claims that these types of inactive accounts do not represent a large volume of your total assets. In fact, it points out that they are only 0.5% of paid users. However, due to the colossal numbers of users subscribed, these add up to “a few hundred thousand” accounts and therefore the platform will stop receiving several million dollars each month.


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