Rumours have long pointed to a special Netflix tariff of just $4. Although the company has never confirmed this project until now, it has already been announced as a new test plan in India.

Although Netflix has been raising its rates for some time now, it is also true that the streaming company does some trial and error experiments with its trial periods and rates.

Now Netflix is all set to launch its $4 fee to watch content. The test launches are limited to India only, with no indication that they could be rolled out to other regions.

Netflix’s new plan in India is called Mobile+ and will be priced at ₹299 a month, about $4. With this special tariff, subscribers will be able to watch programmes and movies in HD resolution (1080p).

In addition, and unlike the other higher-priced plans, this will be limited to a single mobile, tablet or PC screen at a time. Similar to the lowest tier offered in regions such as Europe and the US.

It is an intermediate leap between the lower-end model offered in India (up to 480p). In addition, there is also the opportunity to watch on PC, which is not possible with the lower price.

However, with Mobile+ Netflix leaves out the opportunity to watch content on TV, as this option is only available on the Standard (1080p) and Premium (4K+HDR) plans.

It remains to be seen how this new plan will be received in India, whose circumstances are totally different from those in other regions. This option is not expected to land in the United States for the time being. Perhaps with the arrival of other streaming services as competition, who knows if it will be another option within Netflix’s plans.


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