Thousands of works of art and entertainment have entered the public domain this year, since they were created so long ago that copyrights have expired.

Among hundreds of thousands of books, musical compositions, paintings, poems, photographs and films, in openculture they have made an excellent selection, and in it there are more than a thousand movies that can be seen online without fear of violating any law or of attacking the nobody’s copyright.

It is the first time that much content has been released in recent years, since in 1998 a law was approved with 20 extra years of the term of copyrighted content (it was a bill sponsored by Sonny Bono, of the company Walt Disney, to protect Mickey Mouse). Now the 20 years have passed and everything created in 1922 and 1923 has been released.

More movies and books in the public domain will be added to the collections, which are constantly growing, but for now you can access the list of more than 1000 films released in this link.

Unfortunately, not all titles can be seen in all countries, since each region has its own limits and deadlines to define when the copyright of a work expires, so it is very possible that in some cases it is not possible to see the material offered in said list.


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