As of next week you may start to see more and more advertising videos without the ‘skip ad’ button on YouTube. The streaming service has announced in a video of its Creator Inside account that it will start allowing all partners that are already monetizing their videos to use this type of ads.

In general, when YouTube shows you an ad, a button appears on the bottom right, with which you can skip the rest of the advertising video after a certain time. But there are also certain ads that can not be skipped, so users have to see it entirely before they can continue consuming content.

YouTube has been having a problem with its creators for some time, and is having to compete with platforms such as Twitch or Patreon when it comes to retaining them to maintain the level of content of the platform. In that context, it makes a lot of sense to try to attract them with ads, since one of the recurring criticisms is that YouTube does not pay as well as other platforms.

However, it is still a risky move, since users will not like to have to swallow more and more complete advertisements. It will be interesting to see how YouTube maintains the balance of this type of ads so that users do not start to get tired of the platform.


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