On May 25, after long time in oblivion, Klout will die. The platform built as a monitor of the users’ reputation in social networks, as a measure of their supposed influence, says goodbye definitely.

Many will be surprised to know that at this point Klout was still working at full capacity, as it once did, when the Klout Score or expert titles on certain subjects that the platform gave were for many a symbol of distinction. His life, however, ends.

Klout was sold for 200 million US dollars four years ago

Lithium Technologies, the company that acquired the service for 200 million dollars, has announced in the last hours that they have taken the decision to cancel it. As of May 25, as we said, Klout will cease to exist.

The executive director of Lithium Technologies, Pete Hess, has communicated it by means of an email written in the first person. “The acquisition of Klout provided Lithium with valuable artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, but Klout as an independent service is not aligned with our long-term strategy,” he says.

The date chosen, on May 25, also coincides with the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation and it does not seem to be a coincidence. A spokesman for the company told TechCrunch that “the next deadline for the implementation of GDPR simply accelerated our plans to end Klout.” It has not been the main reason, but it has been decisive to fix the death of the service.


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