Text messaging—whether it is through default SMS protocol or messaging apps—has proved to be one of the most convenient channels of communication. Although feature-rich messaging apps sometimes overshadow default SMS/MMS protocols, most of those fancy capabilities are used on rare occasions. Most of the time people only need the actual texting feature to communicate. This is why sending text messages through the default mobile app is still useful.

As much as text messaging is convenient, composing a long one can be quite annoying. Small keyboards or sensor screens on phones are not particularly comfortable to type with. Not many know that they can send a text message from their computers to mobile phones.

Sending an SMS from a computer to a phone may come in handy in a lot of different situations. For example, you may have lost your phone, run out of battery or your monthly SMS plan and so on.

There are lots of ways to send a text message from a computer to a phone. However, most of them require a certain telecom operator or an operating system. Below we’ve listed the three most practical ones that can be used in any occasion and don’t have complicated requirements.

1.- Send SMS through special websites

A simple Google search will reveal tons of useful websites that can send a text message to phone numbers. All of them have distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages. Here are the two best picks.


SendAnonymousSMS is the best website of its kind. It is user-friendly and has a very intuitive UI. The website doesn’t require registration to send text messages. In order to send a text message with this website, you just need to follow these 5 steps.

            1. Write the number to send from
            2. Pick the country of the recipient’s phone number
            3. Write the number to send to
            4. Compose the message
            5. Write the security code and click on SEND SMS!

Note that you can write anything in the first field, since the website is for anonymous text messages. If the purpose of your messages is not pranking, you can write your name or phone number to be recognized.


SendSMSnow has a wider variety of functions, most of which are free. As opposed to most other websites of this kind, SendSMSnow requires registration. However, considering the flexibility and practicality of this website, it is surely worth it.

SendSMSnow allows you to create contacts and send group messages. The only drawback is that it can send text messages only to a shortlist of countries. The group messages are not free, yet they cost only a cent per message. The way the website operates is similar to the previous one.

2.- Converting Emails to SMS

Converting Email to SMS is a simple process that requires only the recipient’s phone number and telecom operator’s name. This option is available mostly in the US and Canada, but it is gradually gaining popularity around the world.

Once you know the telecom operator’s name and phone number, you can get started.

        1. Compose the message on your email application or website like you normally would
        2. In the “To” field write [10-digit phone number]@gateway address
        3. Tap send button on your email website

After you’ve completed these steps, the system will automatically convert your email into SMS. Later you will be able to receive replies, which will come directly to your email.

For example, if you want to send a text message from a computer to an AT&T phone number, you need to write “ten-digit number@txt.att.net” (i.e. 1234567890@txt.att.net). You can see the full list of gateway addresses here.

There are two important things to consider with this option. First, both the phone and telecom operator must support MMS to be able to receive texts in this form. Second, you need to consider the number of characters in the text. Anything beyond 160 characters will be converted into MMS.

Working woman sending SMS

3.- Send SMS Through Google Chrome Extension

If you are not a Google Chrome user, you might want to consider getting it because of this extension. It is called Send Your Email to SMS (text) and allows to send ten free text messages per month. However, this is by no means the greatest advantage of this extension. It is dead easy to use and doesn’t have any additional requirements.

Once you’ve added this extension to your browser, you’ll see a phone symbol added near the send button on Gmail. Clicking it will open a window to write the phone number and the message that you want to send. There is no easier and more comfortable way to send text from a computer to a phone than this one.

Once you run out of the ten free text messages, you can upgrade to unlimited plan for only $55 per month. This is a bargain price especially for bigger organizations or those who use this feature a lot.

Apart from these three methods, there are websites like SendSMS that allow you to send free text messages after registration. SendSMS gives certain amount of credits for registration, which you can use to test their services.


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