We have already seen how in the mobile world there are several image editors that help us to clean photos and remove objects, but today I’m going to talk about a web option that has several advantages: it is clean, without aggressive advertising, it is free, does not require registration and is effective.

It is a new solution that only asks for the image and offers a cursor to clean the photo piece by piece, with the option to select an entire object to disappear as if by magic.

Here are the steps to follow:

1 – Go to cleanup.pictures.
2 – Upload or drag the picture you want to clean up into the central box.
3 – Select the size of the cursor that will act as an eraser and click with the mouse on the areas you want to remove from the previously uploaded photo.
4 – When you are done, download the result.

It is important to note that the objects that are best removed are those that are isolated with a relatively homogeneous background, since the program that performs the erasure identifies the background to “paint” the object in the same color, giving the impression that it has been removed.

In this video you have an example of how it is done:

It is a free open source tool to quickly clean any image in the browser. Its code can be found on github, with Apache License 2.0, at this link

The idea is that we can retouch photos to prepare them before publishing them on the Internet, something very useful when you have an online store and you want to highlight the image of a product.

How to clean the background afterwards

Once the objects have been removed from the photo, we may want to remove the background to have only the object to highlight, with a transparent background, so that on the web or in the banner you are making it remains without any distraction.

To do this you can use remove.bg, a web app for Windows that allows you to do the job easily.


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