Making a YouTube video that looks professional is not a daunting task. It can actually be done with the help of various tools that are easy to operate. My task here is to let you know what the types of tools available on the market that will help you with your video making experience?

1. Good camera:

It is the first step on your journey to becoming a professional YouTuber. Find good video camera for YouTube HD videos. You can consider webcam, as it provide better visuals. For instance, try something like Logitech HD Pro Webcam C92. It is widely used by the many YouTube video makers to record their video. You can shoot a 1080p Video or 720p Video with this camera. It comes with a stereo surround, so you can record the video blogs with ease. Having a good resolution to the video you make is paramount. You can use H.264 option, to compress your video file. This will help the users in reducing the size of a video and a smooth upload. The webcam we suggested is compatible only with the Windows. If you have Linux or Apple laptops, consider something different. You can buy a good 1080p video camera for a price of $60-70. If you want to shoot a video at a 4k Quality, it may cost even further. The 4k Ultra-HD video camera is priced above $180. But the 1080p camera will suffice for the most.

2. Sound quality:

Yes, the aesthetics matter!

What you speak must be clear to your listeners, this must be your primary concern. You can get hits to your YouTube videos if your video has a better sound quality.

It is one of the most important aspects that your subscribers look forward to. You usually have a good microphone on your Desktop or Laptop, or you can find a microphone on the Webcams. They usually have decent noise reduction technology, but if you are really determined to become a professional YouTuber, you can consider Blue Yeti USB Microphone for a price of over $115.

It is one of the best studio quality microphones on the market right now. It is used by many accomplished and successful YouTubers. It is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac. It is easy to position, and the wide array of patterns selection makes it the best option for you to consider. Or you can consider hiring someone to reduce the noise of video and Audio. These editors are available for hire on multiple freelancing websites.

3. Background and lightning:

Picking the right background for the video you make is the first thing someone notices on the thumb line. It plays an important role in decision making of the viewers. If you can’t find a good background for your video, then add a green screen. Later you can add the background of your choice. You can buy green screens along with the lighting kits to make sure you have a perfect background for your video. It cost just over $130-$150 range. It will bring you the much needed studio experience.

4. Content Quality:

You can capture the attention of your viewers with the topics discussed above. But more importantly, you need to get quality content to discuss. It will make the viewers see your next videos or subscribe to your channel or even your video go viral. Find something you are passionate to talk about for your video that you can talk for days. If not, you can hire writers to write your content on freelancing websites like Fiverr or UpWork. They are available in plenty.

5. Video Editing tools:

Unless, you want to make a live video, find a right video editing tool for your video. If your video includes Jumpcuts, it is easier to make. You can select the correct content for your video and make your video look interesting or you can consider buying Filmora Video Editor, or even make a video with the help of Windows Movie Maker. Filmora costs (available on both iOS and Windows) a little but Windows Videomaker is available for free on your PC.

Above everything we discussed, making a quality YouTube channel requires dedication. If you are serious about this, you may have to dedicate time to developing videos. You can also build a quality YouTube channel like pewdiepie or Markiplier.


  1. If you think you’ll get rich right away with your videos, you can probably give up your intention to become youtuber when you’re even less than 10. At first, followers are slow to reach the channel, because building a loyal user community is a task that requires a lot of effort , Sacrifice and years of work on many occasions.

  2. In my opinion videos that last more than four or five minutes hardly retain the attention of the user until the end. On the Internet the consumption of audiovisual content is getting faster and we must engage the user especially in the first few seconds of the video. A recommended duration is between one and a half minutes and two minutes.

  3. Use YouTube Trends. With this tool of Google you will be able to identify which videos are trend in the platform, segmenting even by sex of the users, country of residence … Spending time analyzing this data will allow you to take ideas for your creations.


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