It is very common that, after registering in a web or application, we receive later emails from lists that we have not subscribed to or advertisers that we have never heard of before. In some cases, it is explained in the terms and conditions of the sites in which we register; in others they do not even point it out. With this new website you can know precisely if this has happened to you.

The website we are talking about is inspired by Have I Been Pwned, a portal that lets us know if our email (and therefore our passwords) has been part of some database of stolen emails / passwords. And is that, as you probably know, many hackers buy complete lists of emails associated with passwords, so they can use them to enter the social networks of that person, for example. Yes, your password may have been stolen from any website, and as many people use the same password in all, someone could use it to enter your Facebook.

You just have to enter our email address on the Have I Been Sold website and it will show  a green message in case they do not have proof of having been sold, or it will tell you directly if your email address has been found in any list; be careful with this, because the message if it has been sold is also green, look no red.

Specifically, you can find out if our email address has been sold or not because this portal has bought to spammers dozens of email lists with which has been used to create a large database.

In fact, and to show that they are legit, the web does not even use scripts, nothing at all: neither Google Analytics to know how many people enter or any other, and in the next few days they will publish the entire portal code (and it’s true: if we check the web code, we’ll see that no script is executed on it).


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