Whether you’re a student who’s going back to school or someone who can’t wait to receive the latest grocery flyer in the mail, everyone enjoys saving money wherever possible. The same goes for monthly parking rates.

Let’s start at the beginning and answer this question, “How do you find cheap monthly parking online?”

First, identify where you need to be on a daily basis. If you’re a college student, you’ll want something as close as possible to campus or the building where most of your classes take place. Use your favourite Internet search engine to search for a parking marketplace that’s trustworthy while offering cheap monthly parking rates.

Tip: Use the term “monthly parking” when you conduct your search. Without those keywords, you could be directed to sites that cater to daily rates, which can add up when you need something monthly.

If you’re overwhelmed by the results from your search, you can always ask a friend to recommend the service they’ve used and had success with. Social media is another handy tool to not only crowd source what people in your network have done, but also to see ratings and other comments about websites that you’ve either heard of or already perused.

Tip: Facebook is a worthwhile social source as you can even create a post that’s called “Ask for Recommendations” that will specifically target your friend group.

Once on a parking marketplace (such as WhereiPark), Parking Panda, SpotHero, etc.), you can start the real search for a monthly parking spot. Most websites have a search box front and centre on their homepage. Use that tool to search for the exact address, landmark or neighbourhood where you want to park on a daily basis.

After you conduct your search, a map or list will be generated with monthly parking options. The map view will pinpoint the exact location and feature the price per month. Compare parking lots and spots in the area by expanding the map.

Tip: Don’t focus on the closest location to your school, office or home. Instead, consider spots that are a little further—it might save you money! There are also other added benefits, like getting some extra fitness in your day or having the walk include a stop at your favourite café.

Aside from the cheap monthly parking fees, you’ll want to read up on all the other amenities that the available parking spots have. Consider the differences between something that’s underground versus an outdoor space. Security and accessibility are all important features when it comes to finding that perfect parking spot.

Once you’ve found your ideal spot, be sure to reserve it. Trustworthy online marketplaces will enable you to pay for your spot (and security deposit, if there is one) right on their website.

Tip: If you’re part of a business that needs several parking spots or you and your classmates are all looking for parking, there are websites such as WhereiPark that can help you find group monthly parking. You’ll be able to park with your colleagues or friends all month long!


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