Once upon a time live streaming used to be a costly affair but it is much easier and cost effective these days. It is so easy any person with the requisite knowledge can create and initiate the process of one. And below are simple ways to create a live stream when the need arises.

One very essential part of the live stream composition is the webcam you utilize for the streaming process. Though webcams can be seen on your mobile phones and on almost every laptop, these webcams produce low quality of camera shots under low light conditions.

You should think of upgrading and using a more quality HD camera which is advancement to a higher webcam and a right step to improve quality.

The Live Streaming Process

Though to start a live stream process, you may be required to use services like Ustream or Livestream, however when such budget to pay for any of these isn’t there, you can look out for other CDN providers to help you take care of this section. With Ustream or Livestream, they are still quite fair priced and cheaply affordable to a large extent and if ads are acceptable by you on your streams, then they provide you the basic service for free.

Let’s assume you go with the Ustream in this case!

USTREAM provides a browser centered encoding platform that is basic. Interestingly it has backing to stream from much advanced quality third party encoders. Such is the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder that is free and very easy to set up. Ustream can also offer you a downloadable XML configuration file, which the encoder can just load, and you are set to start streaming.

Ustream permits you to adapt the encoder profile, advance the bitrate to around 800kbps, and the screen resolution to around 720p. Though this may not be adequate for regular HD content, it’s acceptable and perfect for a modest webcam streaming event.

One thing you must strongly consider also is the use of a very robust internet connection with high transmission and satisfactory bandwidth, at slightest twice as much as the definite bit rate.

Once you have the above in place, the next will be about traffic to your live stream event. You can strategically utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Tweak the live stream search engine metadata parameters and if you are on the WordPress platform for blogging, installing a search engine optimization SEO plug-in will help you in the short and long run attracting the right prospects.

With Ustream, your live stream can be displayed on mobile device, and easily transmits through its flash capacity on desktop and other systems with Flash support.

Using Ustream or Livestream for your live stream can be highly efficient and affordable and though other professionals may require other platforms that will produce the most result, it has been recorded that any of these two platforms have live streamed even some of the best programs both in politics and government.


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