Vlogging has grown significantly in popularity, and many so-called influencers have found it to be a useful tool to grow their following and build their communities. A vlog is a video-blog which allows the vlogger to offer personal insight, how-to guides, and product recommendations to an online audience.

There are two general styles of vlog; a ‘talking head’ video in which the camera remains still and only the speaker’s head and shoulders are visible and a ‘follow me around’ vlog which showcases various locations as the vlogger goes about their day or week.

Know your niche

The most successful online personas have a clearly defined niche. Before you start vlogging, you need to be very clear on what you want to say and who you want to speak to. Write down, in detail, who your ideal audience is and what content you wish to bring to them. The more distinct your offering, the more people will want to follow you, according to Charli Prangley. There are a variety of niches such as garage bicycle mechanic, outdoor adventure, natural parenting, fashion, and fitness vlogs.

Get the tools

Good quality equipment is a must when setting up a Vlog. Choosist has a selection of camera suggestions especially suited for vlogging. You can also take some of the guess-work out of finding a camera to suit your budget and your abilities by using their handy camera-finder. You may also like to invest in some lighting equipment and a tripod, although this will depend on where you shoot your videos and the overall look you are hoping to achieve. Consider what props or other equipment will enhance your message.

Get comfortable

Talking to a camera tends to make us strangely self-conscious. Get comfortable by practicing and playing your content back. The more often you make content, the more at ease you will become, but it pays to get over the initial nerves before you publish your first video. As you watch, you will notice finer details like hand gestures or frequent use of filler words which you can refine.

Learn from others

There are many great Vloggers out there. Watch as many as you can, both within your niche and outside of it. This will help you to decide what you like and who you are as well as show you examples of best practice. Business Insider has compiled a list of 23 of the most popular YouTubers around the world. Find vloggers that you enjoy and watch all that you can.

Build a loyal audience

You may need to use other forms of online content such as social media or podcasting to spread brand awareness. Ultimately, people will seek your content out if it appeals to them, so the best way to build an audience is by offering good quality content. Another important factor is consistency – aim to release content regularly, be it once a week or twice a month. Vlogging is all about creating a personal connection with your followers.


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