It’s one of the fastest-growing gaming industries today, and one that is enthralling fans with the mix of quick bets, great odds and the ability to place wagers on practically any game or event. As a result, all manner of websites, companies and apps have popped up of recent, turning what was once a relatively stable, shop-orientated industry in to one characterized by a huge amount of choice for players. For companies wanting to carve out a section of the market, this is a rather weighty problem; just how can online sports betting providers corner the market and enjoy wild profits?

The answer is through the use of social media.

In today’s mobile device orientated, internet filled world, social media is perhaps the most popular form of communication amount net-enabled individuals. This has, as one can imagine, created a great deal of possibilities for companies to use both social networks and media to their benefit. Take Facebook. On the world’s most popular social networking site, any company can set up a page for their business. From here details of the company, the products and services it offers and other key information can be easily advertised to users. What’s more, companies can showcase their promotions on the site, advertising deals – free bets, excellent odds and big games, for instance – that are currently being run, all displayed for a huge audience to see.

One of the best aspects of social media outreach however, is the ability to initiate debate amongst one’s customers. Let’s take Betting news and odds site Betting Sports as an example. Their recent article on Jason Pierre-Paul’s game changing injury was broadcast on their Facebook page, linking the site to the popular network. More importantly though, the post allowed customers and fans of the service to chat about the event and the site’s coverage, solidifying a relationship between fan and company that was more than mere betting provider-customer, instead promoting more of a forum-like relationship. Whilst the fans were chatting about the goings on, the actual betting aspect of the site faded away. The connection between fan and page will have persisted in to the future though; whenever they want to bet, they will immediately think of Betting Sports.

Customer service levels can similarly be boosted by social media. If a customer experiences an issue with the service, or even has a suggestion for how the site’s services or products can be improved, they can simply pop on to Twitter or Facebook and address the company directly, all without the need for expensive phone calls. Great customer service is regarded highly by consumers, and social media makes the whole task all the more easy to administrate.

Betting providers take heed – social media is the way forward!


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