It has now been discovered that a hacker has leaked the user database of Daniel’s Hosting (DH), the largest free web hosting provider on the Dark Web, to the Internet.

The leaked data was obtained after a hack on March 10, 2020, acknowledged by the owner, including the violation of personal data, theft of financial information and deletion of servers.

About 7,600 websites, a third of all Dark Web portals, fell after DH was shut down.

Today, a hacker by the name of KingNull uploaded a copy of DH’s stolen database to a file hosting portal, and notified ZDNet: 3,671 email addresses, 7,205 account passwords, and 8,580 private keys for .onion domains.

This is confidential information about the owners and users of several thousand darknet domains, data that could be used to link the owners of leaked email addresses to certain obscure web portals. It is even possible that the police may use this information to find people engaged in illegal activities.

It is not known what motivated the hackers who invaded the servers, or who decided to publish everything that was stolen, but it is clear that this huge amount of data will continue to circulate on the web for a long time to come.


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