Google Maps abandons the Mercator projection in the desktop version, and with it, the perception of many that Greenland is the size of Africa.

The flat Earth has ended in Google Maps, at least in its desktop version. Although you have not noticed so far, the Google mapping application did not use the projection of the spherical Earth in a general way, because it is only It was available in the alternative version of Google Earth. Now the company has changed the design of its Maps application and will stop using the flat projection of the Earth, and will move to a spherical one, much more in line with reality.

And that in spite of the fact that, for the cartographic reading, the projection of the flat Earth is more convenient when it comes to seeing the complete map at once. The truth is that it is not the most accurate of the available ones. The complete “map” of the flat projected Earth dates from 1569 and is what is known as the Mercator projection. This is the one that has been used since, with old technology allowed to trace nautical routes with straight and uninterrupted lines, much more convenient for navigation and transport.

The projection of the surface is so wrong on the Mercator projection, that Greenland seems as big as Africa when actually it occupies fourteen times less surface on the Earth.


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