Gmail is 15 years old and celebrates in two ways: by killing Inbox by Gmail, which will stop working today (April,2), and by introducing a  new feature to make us forget that Inbox once existed.

The first great novelty is an option to program emails. Yes, at last we’ll be able to schedule the sending of an email directly from Gmail. We will do it through a small contextual menu in the Send button that will allow us to manually edit date and time of sending or choose between three predetermined options (“tomorrow morning”, “tomorrow afternoon” and “Monday morning”). The mail will appear in the recipient’s inbox at a time and date you choose, so no one has to work outside of their office hours.

The second novelty is that Smart Compose is now available both on the Gmail website and in the mobile application (for now only on Android, but soon also on iOS). Smart Compose is a tool based on automatic learning that adapts to your way of writing to automatically complete sentences and paragraphs through suggestions faithful to your tone from previous messages. According to Google, Smart Compose saves Gmail users more than a billion characters a week. The tool already worked in English and now it learned Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

These are just the latest in a series of changes that Google has been implementing for months in Gmail. At the end of last year, the world’s most widely used email service changed its design. In February, it added a series of right-click shortcuts.


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