During the quarantine, many games designed to be shared as a family from a distance emerged. Some with web versions and others that are part of video call apps. Excellent alternatives to spend time with our friends and make confinement more bearable.

And there are still new options to play online in groups with dynamics like the one proposed by Drawpoly.

It’s a web application that lets you play with your friends and family the classic “guess what the drawing is about”. The dynamic is very simple, you just have to create a room to share with your group of friends. Once you create it, Drawpoly will allow you to share the code that you can send through one of the messaging apps.

Then you just have to choose a category and the difficulty of the game for one of the members to start drawing. The application has the basic options for drawing and coloring, so you’ll have to use all your drawing skills so your guests can guess your intentions. Participants can write down their answers as you draw until you approve one as the correct one.

Of course, there is a point system and some extra options to animate the game. These are not data that you can save since you cannot create an account, but they will give you that competitive edge to the game. It’s a free and simple alternative that even grandma can play, as it doesn’t require registration or downloading anything. You just enter the Drawpoly page and start playing with your group of friends and family.


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