According to a report published by Variety, the alternative to Disney’s Netflix will be called Disney Play, and it will be Disney’s top priority in 2019. The service will include its own films, in addition to the productions of other studios owned by them such as Marvel or Pixar. In the case of Marvel, it will be the films and future productions, and not the current Netflix series such as Daredevil or Jessica Jones.

One of the greatest strengths that this new service will have to face the competition will be the price. As Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, has told Variety, his streaming service will cost less than Netflix, which in the United States currently costs $ 8 to $ 14 per month.

Iger has also given some names when talking about the content with which they will try to promote the platform: “Captain Marvel”, “Dumbo”, “Toy Story 4”, “The Lion King”, “Frozen 2” and the next deliveries of “Star Wars”.


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