The data of more than 460,000 customers of the Japanese online sales platforms owning the clothing brands Uniqlo and GU could have been stolen in a recent computer attack, reported Tuesday Fast Retailing, the matrix of the firms.

“A total of 461,091 records have been accessed through unauthorized access between April 23 and May 10”, the company said in a statement, which does not rule out that the number of affected “may change during the course of the investigation” it is conducting. The data recorded in these platforms of sale “online” and that could have filtered in the cyberattack include the full name of users, postal address, telephone numbers, emails and partial credit card information.

The company said it has identified the source from which unauthorized logins were attempted and “blocked access. “On May 13, the company deactivated the passwords of the 461,091 accounts that had been accessed and is sending individual e-mails to each affected person, asking them to reset their password,” the textile company explained.

Fast Retailing apologized and is committed to strengthening its security measures to prevent similar incidents.

Nothing new, after all. Which will be the next one?


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