May 2018 saw the release of Cobra Kai, an original YouTube series that brought back the iconic characters from the Karate Kid films. The success of this title was surprisingly fresh and much more than just nostalgia. Later, the platform released its second season and gave the green light for a third. However, it is possible that Cobra Kai’s season 3 will not be released on YouTube, but on other streaming platforms.

According to Deadline, the series created by Josh Head, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, would be looking for options to release its next third season. Cobra Kai was made by YouTube in collaboration with Sony Pictures Television, however, according to reports, the video platform is no longer interested in producing original series. This is why Cobra Kai is looking for a home in another streaming service, which is rumored to be between Netflix and Hulu.

Things get even more complicated, as Sony Pictures Television does not have exclusive rights to the series, so moving house will not be that easy. In other words, he could broadcast the new season but not the two previous ones he made for YouTube. On the other hand, it also says, in the same report, that YouTube would be willing to broadcast the new season, but not give the green light to a fourth one.


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