CC Search allows you to search through 19 different collections ranging from museum cultural works, to graphics and art from sites like Behance or DeviantArt, to Flickr photos, and also 3D designs from Thningiverse.

In total, CC Search indexes more than 300 million images under different types of Creative Commons licenses, with the advantage that it also makes it easier than ever to give attribution with the right license.

Each result you find will have all the information you need to give credit to the author and know how you can use the image. In addition, you have a button to copy the attribution in rich text and another to copy the HTML code that links directly to the original source.

Remember that Creative Commons licenses usually reserve some rights, but in general, the most used licenses usually allow you to use, copy, remix, transform, and redistribute the material even for commercial purposes, you just have to follow the terms giving corresponding credit, something that makes this search engine a lot easier.

If you are not sure how the license works for any image you find in CC Search, just click on the “Info” tab and click on the type of license to see the explanation in detail.


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