Most social networks allow us to hide content or silence users we do not like, so we can end the noise of social networks and focus only on what interests us.

On YouTube there is also noise (a lot, more and more). We can find certain content or videos and channels that we do not like or that bother us especially, but that appear constantly in our search results or even YouTube recommendations.

How to mute or block YouTube channels?

Video Blocker is an add-on that will take care of us to hide and block YouTube content that we do not want to see anymore.

Your goal is to hide complete YouTube channels or simply videos from different channels. For this, we can use the link of the channel or keywords, a quick way to avoid content of topics that do not interest us or that we do not want to see for any reason.

The operation of Video Blocker is simple. You click on its icon and in the window that is displayed we indicate the name of the channel or the keyword that we want to hide. After pressing the Add button, a block list will be created, accessible at all times from the Blocklist section.

In Blocklist we will see the block list and we can delete and create new blocking rules.

When creating a new rule, we have three options: channel, wildcard and keyword.

  • Channel involves blocking specific channels.
  • Keyword is used to block and hide YouTube videos with that word in its title. By hiding concrete words with keyword we also block comments, so it is possible to hide specific comments.
  • Wildcard, used to block content from channels that match the word used or approximates.

Video Blocker is available for Google Chrome and for Mozilla Firefox.


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